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Our featured and distinguished speakers:


Shiekh Yassir Fazaga


Sheikh Yassir Fazaga was born in Eritrea in Northeast Africa and moved to the United States at the age of 15. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Studies from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Fairfax, Virginia, and a Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling from California State University of Long Beach. He has completed his 2nd Master's Degree in Middle Eastern Studies at UT Austin, Texas, and is a licensed counselor.

Sheikh Yassir has served as the Religious Leader of Orange County Islamic Foundation (OCIF) in Mission Viejo, California. He was the Director of the Mental Health Department at Access California Social Services Agency in Anaheim, where he helped families with different challenges in life including: domestic violence issues, communication problems, marital matters, generational gap, difficult teens, some mental and personality disorders, divorce, grief, and single parenting, among others.

He has done numerous interviews about Islam on television and radio stations around the globe. He speaks on Islam and related topics at conferences, churches, high schools, colleges, and universities. He served on the advisory board of the Islamic Studies program at Claremont Graduate School and is listed in the “Who is Who among America’s Teachers” where the best students choose their best teachers and was featured on the Today Show on “Spirituality in America”. He was one of the co-hosts of the weekly “WiseLiving” TV program and a regular guest speaker on Peace TV.

Sheikh Yassir Fazaga is a unique talent in North America. His skill set of being a traditionally trained and experienced Imam along with being a clinically experienced and credentialed psychotherapist is extremely rare. He was one of the first to meld the two disciplines together about 20 years ago and continues to be one of a handful of people that have this experience. Due to his unique credentials, he is considered an expert in the field and has been speaking widely on the topic of Islam & Psychology for many years.


Imam Abdul Latif Finch


Muhammad Abdul Latif Finch converted to Islam at the age of 20 and has earned ijazas in Islamic Sciences including Quranic Sciences, Hadith, Maliki and Shafi’i Jurisprudence, Usul al-Fiqh, Seerah, Logic, and Arabic Grammar and Morphology under the tutelage of numerous scholars, including Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykh Salik bin Siddina, Imam Zaid Shakir, Shaykh Abdur Rahman Taahir, Qari Umar Bellahi, Shaykh Abdullah Ali, and Shaykh Yahya Rhodus.

Imam Muhammad Abdul Latif Finch co-founded the Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland, California where he served as the Imam for 3 years until he resigned in 2012 to focus on his graduate studies. In addition, he was a teacher and a program developer for Deen Intensive Foundation, Seekers Guidance, and had assisted Zaytuna College’s Summer Arabic Intensive program for three years in a row.

Imam Muhammad Abdul Latif Finch has recently attained a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, a member of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.

Youth program for 12 to 16 year olds brought to you by MYPI (Muslim Youth for Positive Impact)

MYPI Logo.png

Founded in 2018, MYPI is a grassroots non-profit organization, empowering youth with the Islamic identity and principles to make a positive impact on their communities, environment and relationships that promote responsible citizenship and stewardship. Please take time to learn more about the wonderful and important ways MYPI serves our youth here in Colorado by clicking HERE (

This thoughtful spiritual, educational and fun program will be delivered by our Denver youth leaders Abdullah Ermila and  Sara Eddekkaki of MYPI under the leadership of Amal Kassir (Director of the MYPI Mental Wellness Program).

Older kids program for 7 to 11 year olds


This reflective, excitingand fun program will be delivered by Sister Jannah Farooque, Masha Allah an extremely talented Colorado Muslim artist and poet.

Kids program for 3 to 6 year olds


This will be an artistic and fun program delivered by Sister Tamara who will be visiting all the way from Nashville, Tennessee.

Babysitting for under 3 year olds


There is a babysitting fee for the MILA Retreat for children under 3 as we wanted to provide the opportunity for mothers and fathers alike to attend all lectures while being able to fully focus without distraction. 

This year’s retreat will be better than ever, insha’Allah!  We listened to your suggestions from our past retreats and are catering to your needs. You do not want to miss out on this event! A spiritual 3-night mini-vacation at the blessed Dar Al-Islam Center in Abiquiu, New Mexico. This all-inclusive retreat will include guest speakers to revive your faith, 3 delicious meals a day, hiking, recreation, games, fun ... and a lot more for the whole family. Get away from the noise and chaos of daily life and relax in the peace and tranquility of the Dar Al Islam Center


You don’t want to miss out on this event! A spiritual mini-vacation at a an unbeatable cost: 3 nights stay in the blessed Dar Al-Islam Center, 3 delicious meals a day, hiking, recreation and fun, guest speakers to revive your faith, and a chance to escape from the noise and chaos of daily life.


Dar Al-Islam is a spiritual haven that looks like a picture from a postcard in Northern Africa! Nestled just between the awe-inspiring hills of Plaza Blanca and the valley of the Rio Chama, this nonprofit mosque and retreat center was built in the 1980’s, with the mission of hosting conferences and retreats for Muslims and non-Muslims, in order to enrich the lives of Americans with the beautiful message of Islam. They are located on a vast, pristine desert of Abiquiu, New Mexico—1357 acres of land—where tourists and groups visit every year.


Accommodation is available in terms of apartments or yurts. Separate convenient facilities for men and women. Cost is reasonable but as a non profit event, the retreat will be priced below cost thanks to generous donors and sponsors.


Ever seen the stunning landscape of the southwest? Well, the road trip down to Abiquiu is the perfect chance to do just that! Retreat guests are required to provide their own transportation (as families generally prefer traveling together anyway), but if you’d like to carpool with someone else, contact us and we’ll arrange a ride for you!

Who should go?

Absolutely anyone! The program is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds. There will be separate programs for kids, youth and adults, but also activities for families to do together. Singles and couples will also find tons of stuff to enjoy as well! Those from all faiths, ethnicities, perspectives and backgrounds are invited — there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Accommodation and Cost

  • Rooms: Women will enjoy their stay in the private dormitories, where every sister gets a nice, comfy bed and a storage space for her clothes & belongings--and there's convenient access to restrooms. Men will stay separately in the yurt dormitories, where they also get comfy beds and storage bins.  Clean public restrooms are available throughout the retreat center, as well as showers.  There are no laundry facilities.

  • Food: Delicious, healthy meals will be served to retreat guests, at no extra charge.  And the food is always one of the best parts that guests always rave about. :-) Please e-mail us if you have any dietary restrictions we should know about. There are no stores within the immediate vicinity of Dar Al-Islam.  You may bring water bottles and wrapped, non-perishable snacks but we must be sure to dispose of our waste properly and keep our dormitories free of all food.

  • Registration Fee: $230/adult (17 years and older), $215 for youth aged 16 to 3 years old. babysitting for under 3's may be provided for a separate fee.


     For 3 days and 3 nights, You won't be able to beat the price! 

    • Thanks to generous donors and community sponsors, you can enjoy this fabulous retreat for BELOW actual cost.  That includes room, food, recreation, plus an educational program.



    • No refunds will be given. No further discounts can be given, e.g. a guest cannot receive a discount if they plan to stay for less than 3 days/3 nights.  No exceptions.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    • Speaker/Program are subject to change

    • If Allah has blessed you with the money and desire to help out, we welcome any donations to can offer to help offset the costs. See the registration form.  Jazakum Allahu Khair! 

  • Read "What to bring"


What kinds of activities will there be? Hiking, dynamic discussions, workshops, games, recreation, sports, and entertainment at night! And there will also be plenty of free time, relaxation, worship and remembrance of God too.

Please read carefully all the information provided on this site—it just may be your question has already been addressed.  If not, we’d be more than happy to answer any question or concern you have, to the best of our ability!

Questions? Use Contact Form to contact us.

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