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What to bring and expect

What to Expect

The program, for both adults, youth and kids will feature Islamic lectures & workshops, prayers & dhikr, and also many outdoor activities for all ages such as archery, hiking, sports, games, and more. The Dar Al Islam Campus is in a gorgeous remote location in the New Mexico desert — the land is dry and rugged so bring clothes that are appropriate for outdoors.

No Internet

This gorgeous Dar Al Islam retreat location is very remote and as such there is no internet service and the cell signal is very bad and not reliable. This remoteness truly allows you and your family to disengage from the continuous worldly noise of our phones, Ipads, computers, and other electronic gadgets - and instead focus on improving our faith, engaging with our speakers, and our wonderful MILA family.


Friday night

After registering and having dinner we'll have a short introduction session.


Saturday & Sunday

The weekend will be packed full of lectures and activity filled free time if you wish for your whole family. But if you would rather use your free time to relax, spend time in solitude or socializing, the time is yours to spend as you see fit.

Monday morning

This will be our last morning together. We will have a heartfelt concluding session and then get ready to leave. Guests are encouraged to visit other parts of beautiful New Mexico on their way home, if they have time!


Climate/Weather in Abiquiu, NM

At 6000 ft elevation the late summer in Abiquiu is lovely. Summer days are warm in the morning, hot and tempestuous in the afternoon with spectacular storms thundering down the mountains. Then at dusk, all grows quiet except for a call to prayer or the cry of a hawk piercing the veil of serenity that descends upon the land with the setting sun. Summer nights are ideal for walkabouts under the bright and starry vault of the New Mexico sky. The climate is considerably drier than Denver, so drink plenty of water and plan accordingly.


We expect the days to be fairly warm, with high temperatures around the 70's to low 80's.  Desert evenings can get chilly, with lows around the 40's and 50's. There is always a chance of rain, so be prepared.

For more info, please visit the Dar Al Islam website.


Remember to bring

You may bring wrapped, non-perishable snacks. There are no businesses in the vicinity of Dar Al-Islam so plan ahead. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are all provided. (Food & waste must be disposed of properly or it will not be allowed. We have a responsibility to keep the facilities clean.)


  1. You MUST provide your own bedding (twin mattress provided): Sleeping bag OR Sheets & Blankets (guests sleep on twin-size beds).

  2. Quran

  3. Medication you need

  4. Pillows

  5. Toiletries, soap, shampoo

  6. Towel

  7. Flashlight

  8. Sunglasses

  9. Bug repellent

  10. Lip Balm

  11. Skin Moisturizing lotion

  12. Water bottle (A MUST!)

  13. Sunscreen

  14. Sturdy shoes for outdoors, hiking

  15. Sandals for indoors, showers

  16. Jacket or sweater

  17. Hat

  18. Notebook & pen/pencil

  19. Phones and Camera

  20. You may also want to bring a football, frisbee or something similar for free time

Parents with infants

There are no cribs or bassinets on-site. If you would like to bring a portable infant sleeper or a playpen with a bassinet. We will do our best to make you and your baby comfortable. Be sure to bring everything you'll need for your baby's basic needs - feeding, cleaning, sleeping, safety, clothing, etc.

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